Monday, October 24, 2011

Blushing Basics: Makeup Giveaway 2.0

Blushing Basics: Makeup Giveaway 2.0: it's time for another makeup giveaway and i would just like to say THANK YOU! i was gone for quite some time and it is so good to be back bl... Pin It

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Adventures in Chalk Board paint

So I just finished doing a project with chalk board paint!! I have seen it being used in so many cool ways lately I just had to try it out! My whole project cost oh....$10! 

So what did I do with this fantastic new best friend of mine???? I painted a mirror, yes I said a mirror! One day when I was exploring bloggs and falling in love with you all I came across one that gave me this idea. The mirror you are about to see might look familiar. Its our new bathroom mirror, now before you ask what kind of crazy person take a new mirror from a new bathroom and paints it...I didn't haha. 

When we ordered this mirror it came with a crack in the frame! We blamed ups since the box was dented and overstock just sent us another mirror so that made this mirror perfect to experiment on.

All you need is
-chalk board paint
-a paint brush

I used a sponge brush because that's what we had if you have a small roller that would work fine too. 
I taped with painters tape around my frame. Be careful not to have the tape touch the mirror. I didn't catch it in one spot and had a touch up to do after i took off the tape.

And paint right on the mirror! The paint I bought said to wait about 3 hrs before applying the second coat. And then wait 3 days until its ready to use. When the 3 days rolls around take a piece of chalk on its side and cover the board in it and wipe off to prime the surface now its ready!

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