Sunday, August 21, 2011

Picture Perfect gift...

For my best friends birthday I really wanted to make her something special! For the longest time i have wanted to make a french memo board. I have one I purchased on clearance at some point, but you look at them go "I can make that!" so why not try since they are so dang expensive in the store! And the best part you can make them with any color/fabric combo your heart desires.

I wanted her gift to be a surprise (of course) but I wanted her to like the fabric! So I sent the following picture (thank goodness for smartphones!) so she could pic a fabric but have no idea what it was for.

My friend chose the second one in from the left! so cute!

All you need is..
~Canvas-I used 16x20 but use any size you want!
~1 yard of fabric
~Matching ribbon- i bought 2 rolls but one was enough my my project.
~Quilting Batting
~buttons or any decoration of your choosing
~stapler and lots of staples
~hot glue gun
~sewing things

Step 1
Cut and lay out batting so there is about one inch extra all the way around the canvas (you will do the same with the fabric)

Pull batting tight and staple into the wooden frame of the canvas!
Step 2
Follow step one for your fabric piece over the canvas and now batting.
Step 3
Cris cross your ribbon stating at one corner and going to oposite. Example lower left to upper right. Start with corners and then do as many other diagonal sets in both directions. Be sure to keep ribbon tight and just staple them into the back :)
I don't have a picture of the button step but basically where ever my ribbon crossed I sewed on a button. The button is for looks and much as it is to make the ribbon even tighter for holding pictures. On the back of the canvas I used the hot glue on my sewing knots to make sure everything would stay in place.

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  1. Thank you for the follow up link. I'm not as good a searcher as I thought. I had my mom save some of my dads shirts after he passed and was going to make pillows but I think I will be making these for myself, my mom, my sisters and my daughter. I'm just hoping she didn't take all the shirts to Goodwill!