Thursday, August 11, 2011

The third C-Cats

So I grew up always having a cat, even if that meant me and mom sneaking one home or somehow one just never leaving like it was supposed to haha. Dad always ended up loving the kitty. Even if he complained I knew he liked the cat as much as me.

So back home with my parents I have a fur ball Named Toby

Like I said a fur ball! Toby is about 13 years old. Somehow he goes out and comes back, I think the coyotes are scared of him haha.

Dave (my husband) got a sweet little girl kitty named Latte about 6 years ago

And then when we moved to Illinois (me leaving my family friends and kitty back on the west coast) and decided to get me a kitty! And so enter the wild and crazy Chai. Now when I say crazy there is no exaggeration. He opens cabinets, climbs, talks and well sometimes he has to have a time out in the bathroom to give us a break

As of right now these are our kids and its all we can handle haha.

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  1. aww I love you cute kitties (especially Chai's bikini lol) and i miss toby!!!

  2. umm when were you informing your sister you had a blog?