Monday, March 5, 2012

Book Bag/Tote

Let me start by saying I don't really know how to sew. So with that said if I can do this anyone can!!

I had this cute idea to make one of the kids I nanny for a book bag that will double as his gift bag (other gifts inside tote instead of buying bag that will be thrown away)  for his birthday.

You will need
2 different fabrics (1/2 yard each)-One for the outside and one for the inside.
Sewing machine
Monsters are my outside and green is my inside

Load your sewing machine with corresponding thread I picked black for this one green would have also  worked.

Iron all your fabric, Than cut two 17'' x17'' squares out of each fabric. You will now have 4 squares. Of the left over fabric cut 2 strips of each fabric that is 2'' wide.

With the strips put the two positive sides(the sides you want seen) together and sew around 3 of the sides. You will then turn them right side out.The eraser end of a pencil helps push this through very well. Also on this you could just do the 2 long sides. I was making this up as I go along so I did 3. 
Please ignore my rough edges remember I am new to sewing
(Yes I know different fabric I forgot the picture with the other sorry.)

Then repeat this step with your large squares. Positive to positive (mine was monster to green) and sew around 3 edges. At the corners stop but do not lift your needle just lift the foot and turn the fabric.  You will do this step 2 times. You will end up with 2 squares,

After you turn your squares right side out you will take the top edge(not sewn)  and fold it down 1/2 an inch. I had my monster fabric to the table and folded it so that the monsters overlapped the green.

 Line up your strap where you want them on the want them to lay downward at the edge of the fabric not at the fold line. Then fold t down 1/2 inch again and fold the straps upward.

Sew across just the strap part with a regular stitch then go back to the corner and stitch all the way across I chose a decorative stitch here. Repeat these steps on the other square as well.

Place the two squares with the outside patterns touching and sew up the 3 sides. 

Turn right side out and you have a tote bag great for trips to the library! 

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