Saturday, January 17, 2015

Minnie Mouse 2nd birthday

I can't believe I am writing this post! My baby girl is 2!!! For her second birthday she picked Minnie Mouse as her theme. No surprise there she loves Minnie and Mickey. For those out there with kids who have mid to late December birthday's you understand how rushed everything feels, you have to get a party ready and make sure Christmas is its own special event.  My daughters birthday is 5 days after Christmas, Last year we tried doing it earlier in the month didn't work as I wanted since thanksgiving was so late I felt like we hardly had time to get back from that trip to get the party ready and still had to get Christmas up. This year we went and did it later into the first week of January, Worked so much better I had time to make everything I wanted to and even had Christmas decorations down so she had no confusion of what we were celebrating!

Keeping in mind this was all toddlers that came to play. We had the party in our home, I blew up our swimming pool tossed in some balls and balloons had the slide set up so they slid into the fun. Its still set up and I don't think she will be happy if I decide to take it down. Other then that we had our regular toys out some coloring pages and lots of yummy food.

 Everything I made I did by using my Silhouette Cameo and its software.

                                   Made my own mouse shape with 3 circles, bow is from the silhouette design store, the 
font is waltograph and I can't remember the other basic font oops.

Party decor
This is the party set from amazon it decrated so much! I loved it the window pieces were large and the kids loved it. Find them here.


Again made on my silhouette but this time I also used my Sizzix to emboss each letter. I also put eyelets where I strung the ribbon through so it wouldn't rip. 

I kept the food simple after all this was for toddlers. I made up fun names for everything and made little place cards. 
Donald's oranges (cuties)
Goofy's grapes
Mickey's hot diggity dogs (pig in a blanket)
Pluto's popcorn (pirate booty)
Toodles potatos (smile fries)
Daisy's Veggie garden (veggie tray)
Clairabell's moo mart cookies (mickey shaped cookies)
Minnie Punch (juice box)

The cake was from a local Cupcake shop

I went on a local facebook group and asked to borrow some toddler sized chairs so I had enough for everyone. The party stayed in my dinning room and the "formal" living room where all the toys are. It worked out great!  

My sweet little girls Minnie Mouse clips were picked up by my sister when she was in Disneyland.
 My beautiful sweet girl is 2 and now knows what a party is, she thinks everything is for a party haha.

If you are a silhouette user and want  any of the files that I created for the party just let me know I would be happy to share. But please keep in mind Disney is licensed non of this can be sold its for personal use only. 
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