Saturday, August 13, 2011

Blogging while flying using google chrome

The title says it all, I am on a plane flying to San Francisco to see my family, and blogging online at the same time! So how am I doing this you ask? Today I am flying with Virgin America and they are partnered with google to give passengers the chance to try out the new chrome book and os system for free on specific flights! It was so easy to get, right at my gate there was a special desk to check out the free laptop. The check out process took maybe 10 min, mostly i was just logging in to my google account and agreeing that if i don't return the lap top my credit card would be charged 450$! (oh its going back haha)

So far I having a lot of fun with it. The best way to describe it is part mac, part laptop, part smart phone (it uses apps!) The computer has no actual desk top page thats all in the browser so if your not on the internet the browser still opens to get to your programs. Its easy to use and I cant wait to play some angry birds on it hehe.

Pics coming soon..after I land and can connect my camera to my own computer! Check back.

This blog was written at an altitude of 35950 feet , 461 mph, with 1484 miles left to san franciso!

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