Thursday, August 11, 2011

Here we go!

Well not  sure who is going to see this but i figure blogging could be fun and a great way to get more pics of my projects out there! As you can see from my title this is going to be about all things creative, yummy, and furry in my house! I cant wait to post projects i am working on and see if i can get anyone to read this :) I guess its important to know my sister and I grew up with home cooked meals almost every night. In my mind no one is a better cook than my Mom and my Grandma is the baker! We can ask my mom how she cooks something but she will always say "Just remember I never make it the same way twice and I don't measure." So now we know mom doesn't bake cause she wont measure (jk), but she will do her best to tell me what to do, but its never as good as hers! So I look online, in magazines and books and follow recipes to the T (it would drive my mom crazy. I know cause its what my dad does and she tells me every time he is cooking haha). So in my family I see big cooking shoes that I am not even close to fitting in to yet. Pin It

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