Thursday, August 11, 2011

Somewhere over the rainbow

I am a Nanny of 2 great little dudes. One had a birthday in March so I decided to have special little GREEN play date. We had green food for snack (green jello, green grapes, green milk-yes i said milk) the kids loved it. We put on some St, Patrick's day stickers on a shamrock and made green noodle necklaces! But everyone went home with one special treat... a Rainbow cupcake!!!!!! So fun and so easy that after i posted it on Facebook I had 2 friends make them plus they each had a couple friends make them!

Rainbow cupcakes (or cake if you really want)

white cake batter ( I used box cause i was short on time feel free to make your own)
One set of food coloring
cupcake liners (but of course)
6 bowls and spoons (I used disposable of both)

Separate your cake batter evenly into the 6 bowls. give each bowl a spoon.
In each bowl mix the six colors of the rainbow
                                      Bowl 1- 8 drops red
                                      Bowl 2- 8 drops yellow, 4 drops red
                                      Bowl 3- 8 drops yellow
                                      Bowl 4- 8 drops green
                                      Bowl 5- 8 drops blue
                                      Bowl 6- 8 drops blue, 4 drops red
You should now have
                                      Bowl 1- Red
                                     Bowl 2- Orange
                                     Bowl 3- Yellow
                                     Bowl 4- Green
                                     Bowl 5- Blue
                                     Bowl 6- Purple.
 In your lined muffin pan start layering in each color starting with purple and working your way to the red. Bake and Top with a white frosting or whipped cream and maybe add a chocolate coin (thing end of the rainbow). The kids will be so excited and that makes it all worth it.
Sorry for the bad picture it was a quick upload from the phone to facebook.

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