Saturday, August 13, 2011

The purple monster in the room

Whats the best thing about having your own home? You can change the things you don't like! Some of the first things we did in our home when we moved in was just changing out all that old brass looking light fixtures (yuck!) that were still here from when the house was built around 1996.

But what we really wanted to change was the purple monster in the master bedroom. In all honesty there was 2 purple monster items...A fan and the wall!

And now 
oh thats better!
Now we lived with the wall color for about a year till we decided what we wanted. We went for a blue brown scheme in the room and for us its great. Keep in mind we aren't decorators and don't hold it against us.
Now this picture was taken while we first looked at the house. See the purple wall? Well with the lighting it might seem brown but just look at the fan again and you will know the true color.  Not only was the wall ugly but would a king bed even fit? We had to come back and measure and it does! The room is actually really big so why the bed is like that i have no idea.
Awww better! except now the other 3 walls look yellow :( good thing they needed to be painted.
Here is the finished product! All wall painted, new night stands a home made head board (home home made in a weekend!) 

Yay! our next project.... the Half Bath down stairs..coming soon!

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