Monday, April 23, 2012

Mother Daughter tea/beauty day

So I have always been told I have a big heart. Weather its kids or animals I want to help. I usually think everything happens for a reason. At my current job I care for 2 cute as could be kids. That's been the last almost 4 years of my life. But one of these little boys is extra special, he has down syndrome and let me say he is not that different from any other 5 year old really just has a couple extra appointments a week.

See so cute!! But this isn't about him really or even about boys at all. Its about mothers and daughters. He brought a great place in to my life. Gigi's play house is where I volunteer thanks to this little guy and his family. I recently hosted a mother daughter tea party!

So when throwing a party I highly suggest pinterest!!! These are just a few things I found. 
(I wanted to try this but its not watermelon season yet)

Here are my cute tea cups that I filled with fruit. They got so many compliments and and are actually really easy to make! 
And of course I had to make cupcakes!!!! So I made my favorite Chocolate cupcakes from Glorious treats. For frosting I took my favorite cream cheese frosting and added a couple table spoons of strawberry preserves. This might make it a little thin so just thicken back up with some confectioners sugar. 

Besides yummy treats we had beauty time!! Hair stylist and make up artists volunteered their time along with another great organization of young girls called pollished girlz..can you guess what they did... here are some pictures from our fun day!!

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