Friday, April 18, 2014

Peep pudding cups

The last week has been crazy! I had that horrible thing called jury duty for about a day and a half, it paid a whole $15, and then my baby got sick. Like really sick, scared the life out of us sick! But she is all better I have my check for $15 and this weekend is Easter!!!! Do you guys go all out for it or is it just another day in your house? This is my little girls second Easter, last year she was only 3 months old so we didn't really do anything. This year she got to go to a little Easter party do an egg hunt and the Easter bunny has special gift for her!!

To her first Easter party I decided I wanted to change things up for myself. I always bring cupcakes because I love making them but I needed something a little less time consuming this time around. These cute little pudding cups are a great treat for kids of all ages! I know a few kids who only like the icing on cupcakes and so they can have this a cake less treat!

What you need
2 of the large sized vanilla pudding mixes
cool whip
clear plastic cups
food coloring

What you do
Prepare the pudding as directed on the boxes. Seperate the prepared pudding into 3 equal amounts and color each one a different color. In the clear plastic cups you are going to layer pudding, Coolwhip, pudding, Coolwhip, pudding, Coolwhip, alternating colors of the pudding. I found the easiest and cleanest way to do this was by using a piping bag. Once all cups are filled (you will get 10-12 depending on cup size and amount of pudding used per layer) use some sprinkles on your topped Coolwhip and add a peep.

Cute and easy, oh and tasty!

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