Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Cutest doc around

Happy Halloween!! Yep its that time of year and that means that soon we will be saying "Happy Holiday's"...lets not talk about that yet though....

This year for Halloween we are taking my daughter trick or treating for the first time!! So when it came to a costume it had to be something she knew and her favorite character is Doc Mcstuffins from Disney Jr. So that'ts what she is! Now Doc wears a cute little pink skirt with leggings but we decided to make this a little more costume like by adding a tutu of course!! For the most part I followed this super easy tutorial at the Pinning Momma blog. A few things I did differently was that instead of buying rolls of tulle I purchased by the yard. I picked 3 colors and bought 2 yards of each color, 6 yards in all.

I started this project during nap time which meant I couldn't measure little ones waist for the elastic so I used a pair of leggings for the measurements. Then cut the elastic just a little larger so I could overlap and sew up the elastic

I cut my strips and actually made a very puffy long tutu by folding my tulle length wise and so it was about 28' wide. After that I made my strips the same as in the tutorial by using a couple of pieces of cardboard the width I wanted each strip. Wrapped it around and cut down both sides. 

Leaving the tulle strips folded in half  I folded it in half again and then tied it on to the elastic, that I had stretched over the back of a child's chair. A book would also work well for this.

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