Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Come Join me for a virtual Halloween party!!

I know you're all thinking "Halloween!? But its August" Well, my very best friend Veronica over at MorningNooNight and I are planning a Halloween Link Party for October 1st. And come on people, that's only a month away!

We are looking for other bloggers who want to participate with a fun homemade Halloween Craft, Recipe, Cocktail, anything really! We will take all of the submissions (links) and link them at the bottom of our blog post (asking you all do the same) and have one fun virtual Halloween party! Since we are new to the blogging scene we are looking for as many bloggers as possible to participate! Also if you want we can send your link to other participants!! 

Please comment below if interested or email me at craftscakescats@gmail.com and we will get started!!! For those who do choose to participate we will have more information for you soon and also ask that you spread the word!! Lets help everyone out and get all these great blogs noticed.

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