Sunday, December 15, 2013

Santa Cupcakes

Wow this week has been just a little bit crazy!! With trying to finish up Christmas stuff and having my daughters 1st birthday party a little early ( her actual birthday is the 30th). I have had a lot going on, as I am sure you do too! Now did your kids sign you up to make cupcakes for the holiday party? I totally signed myself up this last week not thinking about craziness going on. These are cute and quick cupcakes.

What you need

A batch of your favorite white cupcakes
Red sugar crystals
Some white frosting
Red and green M&Ms
Mini chocolate chips
Mini marshmallows

What you do

My best tip is do this one cupcake at a time so the frosting is still wet not dried out. Lightly frost your cupcake, dip half your cupcake in the red sprinkles. Line the rim of the red with mini marshmallows that have been cut in half, and out one whole one on the top of your red. Now use mini chocolate chips for eyes M&M for a nose and coconut for a beard. Done and done. 

 (please note I did not do one at a time and ended up having to add a little frosting about 1/2 way because it was drying out)

I just think these little guys are so cute!!!! Pin It


  1. I used to make cookies similar to this. I had to drop in and tell you how cute they look! Happy Holidays. Visiting from @DearCreatives and found you via a hop. Theresa ;)

    1. Thank you Theresa!! They were fun to make!