Friday, January 13, 2012

Home Roasted Fresh Kahler Koffee (coffee)

Some of the things that can't be lived with out in our home are our cats and coffee. Did I mention our cats are named Latte and Chai...

We love coffee so when my husband said he wanted an espresso machine I thought cool!! We ordered coffee from a local place it was nice fresh coffee. 
Then it was "Hey lets get a coffee roaster!" that's when I went "uh why?". But now that we have it I don't know what life would be like without the great taste of the freshest of the fresh coffee.

Start with some green beans, they smell kind of like grass...
We order them from Sweet maria's online. By the way we love coffee and just pretend to taste the flavors described..
In to the roaster they go
 The roaster is about the size of a toaster oven..totally worth the space it takes up in the pantry. While roasting  its not a great smell but its not a bad smell. At first I thought right away it would smell like coffee but its more like...wheat grass shot....
Lots of chaff falls off the beans. Why I can't tell you my husband does the roasting and brewing I do the drinking haha.
Yay! In 2 days its ready for a latte.
Espresso time
 Steam the milk
A great coffee needs a cute cup! Thanks Ikea
And then you drink up this yummy yummy vanilla latte!

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